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you know why charlie and castiel haven’t met?

because i am certain, without a doubt, that charlie would look at cas looking at dean, and then she would turn and look at dean looking at cas, and just know

and she wouldn’t be able to shut up about it

even without meeting him she already teased Dean about Cas being “dreamy” so I’m pretty sure you’re right

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I laugh so much at those homophobes who are into literature and classic stuff because like hey you’re into michelangelo? gAY. you like Virginia Woolf books? totally leSBO. you think oscar wilde is modernist and agree with his philosophies? gAY. you like the iliad? greek mythology? any era of history tbh? GAY GAY TRIPLE GAY. everything you love is covered in gay. all the great writers and musicians and artists you admire were queer as all hell hAH

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shit like this makes no fucking sense like amiyah is one of the prettiest models ive ever seen but yall are so hung up on the fact that shes trans that yall bitter asses are gonna stay making fun of her like shes out there doing shit with her life and she looking good as hell while youre sitting at home making fun of her over the internet like do you not understand how your entire existence is irrelevant likkkkke?

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MONDAY, OCTOBER 6, 9pm on The CW

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